Adoption Reunion

Well, I think the pictures speak for themselves.  It was overwhelming to get the call from Elaine, saying, "Are you ready to talk to your brother?  He is so excited!" I stammered, "Yes..."  After almost 4 and 1/2 years of searching for my birth family and going through two other CI's, Elaine was finally able to find them in what seemed like weeks.

The communication was always open on her end.  The compassion and sensitivity she showed was immeasurable.  She went above and beyond what the other two CI's did and is even looking for my adoptive brother's birth family and my oldest brother's birth father.  My highest recommendation to Elaine.  I'll never forget the instrumental role she played in connecting me to my roots.  Thanks Elaine, for allowing yet another dream come true in my life.

Most Sincerely,

A Girl Born in Phoenix, AZ




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