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I have been involved with adoption searches since I began my own search for my sister in 1994.  Though I was unsuccessful in the quest to find my sister, I never quit searching for her until there was proof that I wouldn't be able to locate her since it was a black market adoption.  (To read my personal story click here).  In the course of searching for my sister I became intrigued with the entire process of how one goes about searching and locating lost loved ones.  It wasn't long before family members and friends asked me if I would help them with their own searches and reunions.  I thought if I couldn't find my sister that I could at least help others find their loved ones.  I became quite proficient in the search process and was successful at reuniting many families.  While it is difficult to accept that I will not find my sister, the process of searching for her has led me on a new path in life and helped me discover both a skill-set and a passion for searching and locating family members.  Because of my passion for this process and my ability to locate and reunite many individuals, I decided to get certified as an Arizona Confidential Intermediary (CI).  This certification allows me to have to assist in reuniting individuals involved in the adoption process in Arizona.  I treat each case as if it was personally mine - and I have never had a case as difficult as my own. 

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To train and certify confidential intermediaries to facilitate contact between adoptive parents, adopted individuals, and birth parents while protecting court and agency records and anonymity of those who desire it.  The program will also monitor and discipline confidential intermediaries, as needed, to protect the public. 

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Source: Arizona Supreme Court


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